Magor was founded by Aviv “Magor” Hadari and Roi “Roco” Cohen in the summer of 2002 in the city of Raanana, Israel.

The original lineup consisted of Aviv Hadari (vocals and lead guitars), Roi Cohen (drums), Chen Taibloom (guitars) and Yuval “Guli” Gerti (bass) (Immaterial).
Another lineup change occurred in the year 2005 – Roy “Anti” Antman on bass, Elad “Chamo” Chamo on guitars and Adi Barzilay on keyboards.

During the years 2007-2008 the band was inactive due to the leave of Adi Barzilay, Elad Chamo and a sabbatical leave by Aviv Hadari.
In the year of 2008 Magor resumed activity in a lineup consisting of Aviv Hadari, Roi Cohen and Roy Antman and recorded their first studio single “Mania Depressia”  with collaboration of Adi Barzilay on keyboards.

In the end of 2008, the lineup changed with the addition of Lior Goldberg (keyboards) and Noam Shemesh (guitars) (Eternal Agony).
In 2009 Magor released the studio single “Mania Depress” including two live tracks (“The Reaper’s Darkest Hours” & “Blackend Holocaust Stars”).
Magor released a self titled single in the year 2010 promoting an opening act for Rotting Christ in Israel.

The last lineup change was the departure of Noam Shemesh and the addition of Tzach Zakkay (guitars) in 2012.Magor is currently searching for a label to sign their debut album.